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  1. Axioms for a theory of signature bases

    Pierre Lairez


  2. Algorithms for minimal Picard-Fuchs operators of Feynman integrals

    Pierre Lairez, and Pierre Vanhove


  3. A signature-based algorithm for computing the nondegenerate locus of a polynomial system

    Christian Eder, Pierre Lairez, Rafael Mohr, and Mohab Safey El Din


  4. Computing the dimension of a real algebraic set

    Pierre Lairez, and Mohab Safey El Din

    Proceedings of ISSAC 2021 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

  5. Separation of periods of quartic surfaces

    Pierre Lairez, and Emre Sertöz

    Algebra & Number Theory, to appear

  6. Rigid continuation paths II. Structured polynomial systems

    Peter Bürgisser, Felipe Cucker, and Pierre Lairez


  7. Computing the volume of compact semi-algebraic sets

    Pierre Lairez, Marc Mezzarobba, and Mohab Safey El Din

    Proceedings of ISSAC 2019 (Beihang University, Beijing, China)

  8. A numerical transcendental method in algebraic geometry

    Pierre Lairez, and Emre Sertöz

    SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry, 3(4), 559–584. (Open access)

    The proof-of-concept quarticdb

  9. Generalized Hermite reduction, creative telescoping and definite integration of D-finite functions

    Alin Bostan, Frédéric Chyzak, Pierre Lairez, and Bruno Salvy

    Proceedings of ISSAC 2018 (New York, NY, USA)

  10. Rigid continuation paths I. Quasilinear average complexity for solving polynomial systems

    Pierre Lairez

    Journal of the AMS 33, 2020

  11. Computing the homology of basic semialgebraic sets in weak exponential time

    Peter Bürgisser, Felipe Cucker, and Pierre Lairez

    Journal of the ACM 66(1), 2019

  12. On p-adic differential equations with separation of variables

    Pierre Lairez, and Tristan Vaccon

    Proceedings of ISSAC 2016 (Waterloo, ON, Canada); Distinguished paper award

  13. The boundary of the orbit of the 3 by 3 determinant polynomial

    Jesko Hüttenhain, and Pierre Lairez

    Comptes rendus mathématiques 354 (9), September 2016, pp 931–935

  14. Multiple binomial sums

    Alin Bostan, Pierre Lairez, and Bruno Salvy

    Journal of symbolic computation (2017) 80.2, pp. 351–386

  15. Computing the Chow variety of quadratic space curves

    Peter Bürgisser, Kathlén Kohn, Pierre Lairez, and Bernd Sturmfels

    Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences (MACIS 2015), Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9582, pp. 130-136

  16. A deterministic algorithm to compute approximate roots of polynomial systems in polynomial average time

    Pierre Lairez

    Foundations of computational mathematics 17.5 (2017), pp 1265–1292

  17. Périodes d’intégrales rationnelles : algorithmes et applications

    Pierre Lairez

    Thèse de doctorat, prix de thèse de l’École polytechnique

    Defended on 12 november 2014

  18. Computing periods of rational integrals

    Pierre Lairez

    Mathematics of computation 85 (2016), pp. 1719-1752

    Supplementary material

  19. Creative telescoping for rational functions using the Griffiths-Dwork method

    Alin Bostan, Pierre Lairez, and Bruno Salvy

    Proceedings of ISSAC 2013 (Boston, USA); Distinguished student author award

  20. Resolution except for minimal singularities II. The case of four variables

    Edward Bierstone, Pierre Lairez, and Pierre Milman

    Advances in Mathematics, 2012, vol. 231, no. 5, pp. 3003–3021