Feb 5, 2018: Implementation of the algorithm "redct" by Bostan, Chyzak, Lairez, and Salvy

Update on Nov 19, 2018: add missing Maple file Mgfun_missing.mpl (+ update archive file).
Update on Nov 21, 2018: add installation test script.

  1. Examples of the paper, using our Maple implementation (requires Maple 2017): This version of redct.mpl imports red.mpl and uses Mgfun 4.1 (provided here for simplicity).
  2. Installation test script/minimal running example (Maple script + output): This can be run in a terminal independently of Demo-redct.mw.
  3. For comparison sake, here are Mathematica sessions computing our examples with Koutschan's code:
  4. Sessions in pdf: These sessions show the traces of calculations for those not having Maple/Mathematica.
  5. All of the above: